Smith & Company is a full service Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Land Planning Firm. All of our research, field work, drafting, engineering and map preparation is completed with our own staff and equipment. The firm was the first in the area to make complete utilization of infrared distance measuring devices, electronic data collection and computer drafted map production providing the client with a completely automated field to finish system. Our maps have been judged best in the state over 11 times in the annual map-contest held by the Connecticut of Land Surveyors, Inc.

Why a Survey?

SOIL SCIENTISTYour purchase of a home or other real estate may be the largest investment in your life. Having the protection of a land survey and having the assurance that your ownership is secure against land title complications will mean tremendous peace of mind.

You may believe that a casual inspection of your property will be sufficient to determine its boundaries and assure you that all buildings, fences and other improvements are properly located. If you purchase or improve your property without an accurate survey, you may find that your home is actually located on the lot next door, or that your neighbor’s garage is on your lot. These problems can be avoided with a proper land survey.

Researchers of Land Records & Historical Documents

In addition to boundary surveys, Smith & Company has acquired an excellent reputation as a foremost researcher of land records and other historical documents in the area. Through this detailed research, local towns have been researched and mapped according to the distributions made by the original proprietors in the early 1700’s. This layout then allows us to map parcels based on research rarely provided by other firms.

Development Services

For clients with previously established boundary surveys, Smith & Company provides full service including delineation and mapping of wetland boundaries, complete topographic mapping of land features, on-site soil testing for sanitary systems, subdivision design and layout, commercial site planning and complete construction staking of proposed improvements. The firm routinely prepares applications for submission to regulatory agencies and appears before them providing an excellent presentation of the proposed development.

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